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Credit Cards With Instant Approval

Credit cards with instant approvals are the easiest way to see how much you qualify for. Usually most unsecured credit cards have an approval period that is considerably long. Getting approved for unsecured credit is something that is subject to scrutiny of your credit history and credit score. People who have a bad credit score or those who have no credit score to begin with, find it extremely difficult for their applications for credit cards to get approved. However, this difficulty can be easily resolved with the help of instantly approved credit cards. Some of the best credit cards when it comes to instant approval have been listed in this article.

Best credit cards for instant approval

  • Horizon Gold Card Another great choice of instant approval credit cards, the Horizon Gold Card is responsible for reporting your credit activity to major credit bureaus and thereby helps in improving your credit score quickly. This credit card also has a fast approval reputation online. The credit limit is unsecured and there is no credit or employment check required for availing this credit card. The initial limit for the line of credit is $500 and has a 0% APR. The annual charges on this card is $24.95 with memberships for benefit plans getting auto debited on a monthly basis.

Instant approval credit cards are great choices for people who are finding it difficult to get a credit card and following list names the best instant approval credit cards that are available in the market, along with some features that makes them great.

  • OpenSky Secured visa credit card- This visa credit card that is provided by the company OpenSky is a great choice for instant approval as there is hardly any credit checks required for the approval of these secured credit cards. A security deposit amount of as little as only $200 dollars needs to be made to get this credit card.


  • This amount is refundable, accrues interest as it sits as a security deposit and helps determine the limit of the line of credit that has been allowed for this card. It is a great way to start building up your credit score by following habits of timely and full repayments of dues. Credit tips and guidance is also provided by OpenSky to help you better your credit score. It has an annual fee of only $35 and a regular percentage of APR set at 19.14%.

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This Visa Card Has a Fixed APR at 9.99%

  • Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Secured Credit Card- The lines of credit with this instantly approved credit card starts from $200 to $5,000. The interest rates are fixed at a low 9.99% and there are no rates for penalties. In order to get this card no minimum requirements of credit score is required. It helps in improving your credit score by encouraging timely and full repayments of dues. You can apply quickly for this card by simply choosing the credit line that you desire online and opening a Personal Savings Deposit Account with the bank to help secure the credit card. It has an annual fee of $49.

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