Make Money Online

Make Money Online – Fairytale or Reality?

You’ve heard of the make money online thingy. It’s been around for a long time, and in the last few years has been used and abused more than anything. The make money online world has more scams than anything, and I will go as far as saying that over 90% of it is garbage.

The Dream of Making Money Online

Guru selling you courses promising you will make $1M in 30 days if you buy their $199 course. The bigger the lie, repeated over an over, becomes believable. Especially when you see those fake-stimonials done on a cheap phone camera of wanna be actors who get paid a few dollars to say they made money when they bought that course.

This is the same old principle of the 1850’s Gold Rush era. Do you know who made the most money back then? (and risked practically nothing). People who were selling shovels because it was a sure bet. Everybody needed one if they wanted to find gold. Today, the principle is the same. The guru’s don’t make as much as they claim. They probably made SOME money, but then figured out it’s easier and more profitable to “sell the dream” of making money online to someone else – you.

Reality of Making Money Online

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make money online. I personally met several people who made millions. The thing is, you won’t find those people selling courses. If you really want to learn from those pros, you have to meet them or be introduced to them, and pay them for 1-1 training (if they offer that). They won’t give out their secrets, strategies and tactics for a $199 (or even a $599 course).

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars for online training. Most courses I took were either not worth the money, or flat out garbage. Some courses have taught me the basics and some tricks, but NO course EVER has taught me as much as I learned from 1-1 training.

How Do I start & What Do You Recommend?

Here are 7 ways you can start to make money online today.

  • Sign up as an affiliate marketer and

Sign up as an affiliate marketer at MaxBounty. Maxbounty is a great portal for beginners and even advanced affiliate marketers. I always got paid and on time from them. Do keep in mind that scrubbing is common across all networks and there is really nothing you and I can do about it to prove it. Scrubbing is when either the network or the vendor doesn’t credit you for legitimate sales or leads you generated. They keep those money for themselves. What you CAN do is to stop sending traffic immediately if you suspect they are scrubbing. Tell them, hey I noticed my earnings going down, I wanted to send you more traffic but I can’t at this cost. They will realize that you know that they know, and if you send enough volume, they will scrub less.

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