7 Cool Ways To Get Paid To Surf The Web

Get Paid To Surf The Web – 7 Ways To Do It (up to $35/hr)

In this post you will find out how to get paid to surf the web. Some of these methods could be already popular, but you will be amazed and the others.

Get paid to search the web jobs are divided into 3 main types:

  • Get paid to run apps in the background: you can run these data collection apps in the background to generate income!
  • Get paid to change your search engine: these companies are willing to pay you for using their search engine.
  • Get paid to evaluate search engine results for Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Data Collection Apps

Companies often collect your data for free, just by asking you to provide info. This data is extremely valuable because it can be used for market research, advertising. Also, this data is often resold without your knowledge or express consent.

The point is, you should not give out your data for free. You should get paid for it. Luckily, there are data collection apps that let you do just that!

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

This app collects data on how people use the Internet. The data is then used to design and craft products that you find for sale online. The app basically evaluates the demand for a certain product by analyzing user behavior. The Nielsen app is great because you have to do very little after installing it.

PROS: You get paid for basically doing nothing. This app is basically set and forget, and your account is credited on a monthly basis.

CONS: The only way to earn money here is to download the app. You can’t make money online by any other method, like get paid to watch videos. Also, they don’t pay you cash. You can choose to get Gift Cards from like Amazon, Starbucks, Target and others.

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