Credit Cards For All Types of Credit

Credit Cards For Bad Credit: Use Them Wisely

Secured Credit Cards: A Simple Way To Boost Your Credit Score & Gain Some Spending Power.

If your credit is less then perfect – or even quite bad – there is still hope. There are many credit cards available for credit scores less than 550. Some are traditional credit cards, others are secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are an excellent way to re-establish your credit and get back on track. I personally saw my credit jumping almost 100 points after I got my secured card and made the first timely payment. If you fell behind on past payments, don’t worry too much about it. Moving forward, set up auto payments so you won’t make that same mistake again, and don’t be too hard on yourself. The other important thing to remember is, it is GOOD to have a lot of credit cards. The bad thing is when you start spending too much on them or you max them out. Then your credit-to-debit ration will be skewed and your credit score will suffer…

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